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Testimonials and great success stories from some our many Lions Gym & Wellness Center clients and patients

Personal Training 

"Sixteen years ago, I suffered injuries to my arms which left me with nerve damage and the loss of my left triceps. Over the years, I could see and feel the increasing atrophy with my muscles. My hands and fingers were weak and starting to tighten and curl. 

I started working with Dr. Menya with strengthening my arms and hands. Dr. Menya has educated me on the connections of muscles, nerves, bones, and good health. We have taken measurements of my fingers and hands throughout our year together. It is awesome to see the numbers increase with gain of muscle and even more color in my hands. 

I suffer from migraines. Dr. Menya has located the ribs and muscles that trigger the migraines. I am in training on the proper way to stretch and lift weights to strengthen the muscles that are weak and cause my migraines. 

A major accomplishment is getting off the pain medication I was taking twice a day for 16 years.

A major accomplishment is getting off the pain medication I was taking twice a day for 16 years. It caused terrible side effects of chronic fatigue, dizziness, trouble concentrating, etc. Dr. Menya discussed with me options to get off the medication and I was willing to try a non-medicinal alternative. For 16 years I have asked neurologists and my physicians for pain management alternatives and they all kept me on medication. I used a TENS unit to control the pain and was able to wean myself off the medication. 

Working with Dr. Menya and joining Lion’s Gym has been the BEST investment in my health!"

Chiropractic Care

"My name is Darrell and I am 66 years old. I came to Lions Gym because of the example my son was setting. This started in mid February of this year. Since then, with Stephen's help and guidance, I am attending the gym on an average of three days a week. I must admit that I feel better than I have in a long time. My last involvement with an exercise program was over 40 years ago. Whenever I go to Lions Gym, Stephen will greet me when  entering and leaving. He has taken the time to introduce me to other members at the gym which has made me feel much more comfortable there.

There have been a couple of occasions, during this time,  when it has been necessary to engage Stephen as a doctor of Chiropractic due to my getting carried away at home and injuring myself. This has been a brand new experience for me. Stephen has taken the time to explain to me what the injury was and what he was going to do to make it hurt less. He has also given me exercises and treatments to do to repair the issue. He also checks on me when I go to the gym to make sure I am following through with them. I would have no problem returning to Stephan for treatment and would encourage others to do likewise.

On a personal note I have found Dr. Menya to be a kind and considerate person with a outgoing sense of humor that is rather infectious. When Stephen laughs I cannot help but smile. I am pleased to consider Stephan a friend."

"Since puberty I have had noticeable pectus excavatum also known as “sunken” chest. My ribs were not formed properly as I grew. Doctors and my own research indicated that unless I had surgery where steel bars were inserted to act as braces for my ribs for several years, I would always have this deformity. As I grew older I was hunching forward more and more to compensate for the sunken chest which was causing neck and back pain daily. It literally hurt to hold my own head up. Then I met Dr. Stephen Menya. Over the past 9 months, he has made incredible physical changes to my body. My bone structure thru rib stretching exercises he performs, ultra- sound stimulation, workouts that we do to strengthen the muscles around this area and chiropractic adjustments has raised the level of my sunken chest considerably. Most remarkably, my back and neck pain due to my forward slouching have been corrected with all that he has done. I see him once a week and look forward to each visit and the changes we are making together. He has done the impossible by changing something that everyone had always told me was unfixable without years of surgeries and likely lifelong pain after the surgeries. The best part is he explains what he is doing each session so that I understand what muscles need to strengthen and change in order to make this process a success. He cares about you as a person in comparison to other chiropractors and trainers I have seen over the years. Thank you Dr Menya for changing me mentally and physically!"

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