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Meet Our Cycling Instructors

Shayna Boyle

Shayna has been teaching fitness classes for almost 15 years. Her formats range from Body Pump, cycle, bootcamp/HIIT, to Pilates and yoga and everything in between.  Shayna loves cycle because it’s simple, (anyone can do it), and it provides an unparalleled adrenaline rush!  Accessible yet intense, come see why so many are hooked on cycle and her class! 

Donna Heck

Sharing her passion for health and wellness, helping guide people to their full potential, is a driving force in her work as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and wellness coach. Donna's career as a group fitness instructor began in 2003 when she helped launch a Group Cycle program, and it has been a passion of hers ever since. Helping people see that “not being fit enough” is not a reason NOT to come to class, it is all the more reason she encourages, applauds and supports it! Her own journey started 22 years ago when she was well over 200 lbs, scared and unhealthy, no coach, mentor or support team to help educate and guide her. She made it her goal to someday provide that support, motivation, education and encouragement to others. She is so excited to share her passion for Group Cycling with you!

Donnie McFall

Donnie has been indoor cycling since 1999 and received his first certification in 2004. He has worked at studios and gyms in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Minnesota. He currently works in the Health/Fitness Industry providing equipment to the U.S. Government. His hobbies are cooking, motorcycling and travel. He is married to Marla and they have 3 raised children and live in the Victory neighborhood with their 2 dogs Tater and Tilly.

Donnie teaches a traditional style of indoor cycling. His music choices are motivational and varied. 

Peggy Renier

Peggy is thrilled to be a part of an amazing team of cycle instructors! From Collegiate Women’s Soccer to Group Fitness, Peggy has been teaching Cycle, Cardio/Strength, HIIT and Bootcamp classes since 2016 and loves it!  She is very passionate about Health and Wellbeing, pairing her career in Wellness/Nutrition with Fitness!  Cycle was the first class Peggy taught as an instructor and is still a favorite to this day!  Come ride!