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Strength In Muscle Builds Alignment 

Published by: Dr. Stephen Menya

As a Doctor of Chiropractic whose first love is personal training to enhance fitness, I add the physical strength in to my treatment plan to feed the muscle fiber. The cells of the muscle respond and develop size creating tension between the two end tendons. This growth of muscle has stress over time and can cause imbalance. The stress for example can be a muscle spasm, strain, etc.

This leads to the creation of my SIMBA method & philosophy. Have you ever felt like your elbow or hip was locked and you were trying to unlock or unclick it? Or you just wished the lock feel or sensation would go away? Well I understand and can explain to you what happened and how to make that annoying locking sensation flee.The tendon on the proximal end is the origin the other is respectfully insertion. This is attached from the distal portion of the bone superior to the inferior bone. The latter end of the muscle tendon is inserted to the distal portion of the bone. When the muscle contracts the lower bone is flexed. The opposite happens when the muscle is relaxed and the joint is extended. This would be defined as the agonist for flexion physiology. With a similar arrangement the posterior side of the joint would have the muscle group that fights the flexion an antagonist. This is a perfect balance only misaligned if either of the groups have more tension than the other causing a subluxation. In the world of chiropractic, this is also referred to as a non-allopathic lesion.