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Why Lions Gym?

Lions Gym offers a welcoming environment where all can workout with no intimidation. In addition to our affordable general memberships, Lions Gym offers personal training services that are tailored to each individual.

Come check out what we have to offer! We are conveniently located in Robbinsdale on West Broadway.

In like a lamb, leave like a LION!

- Stephen Menya

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Lions Gym and its personal trainers offer tailored fitness personal training services in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Personal Trainers at Lions Gym Provide the Premier Personal Training Experiences in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Lion is a powerful animal—but doesn't always show off its power. It's his attitude that makes the lion "the King of the Jungle"—greater than the Elephant even though 30 times smaller (182kg vs 5500kg).

Human Beings can tap into the power that they don't realize they already have—with the proper training, discipline and attitude.

Come learn from our expert personal trainers about the physical secrets of body image, the mental secrets of gentle strength and the spiritual secrets of inspiring self-esteem deriving from inner passion and excitement.