Personal Training Packages*

RATES (1-hour sessions):

Small Group (3 people or fewer)


*Plus a $30/month membership. 4 sessions per month minimum to qualify.

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Terms and conditions of training rates will be explained during the consultation.

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Lions Gym: Minneapolis Personal Training
that is Tailored to You.

Minneapolis Personal Training at Lions Gym is the Premier Personal Training Customized for Every Individual.

Personal Training at Lions Gym

Individualized and Tailored training fits the needs of each individual with their unique personal training needs and challenges.

Everyone has a different body type. The most apparent is the body type of the sexes (male and female), which accounts for strength differences. Other body type categories include heavy set, light set and simply medium. There also is an athletic and non-athletic body type. Furthermore, there could be a beginner or an experienced weight lifter.

Come get a FREE personal training consultation with absolutely no obligation to sign-up to see if Lions Gym personal training is right for you!

With every different individual comes a different challenge because of the different goals that the person has set for themselves.

Lions Gym and its personal trainers have a keen eye for this separation to ensure that there is a guided training routine that matches the person's level.