My name is Stephen Evans Omondi Menya. I moved to the USA from Kenya in 1993 with an aspiration to be in the Olympic Games. My dream was to represent Kenya in the 400m and 800m track division. Having great scholarships, I was able to get a good start at Graceland University and run in Midwest Conference. Later I transferred to the SEC conference for the next period of my eligibility. Side by side to this goal, was the dream of becoming a medical doctor, which later changed when I met Dr. Richard Alan Greene, a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine. Unfortunately, with a torn sartorius, my professional track and field efforts came to an end.  This sustained injury would not allow me to run the world class times anymore.

Looking back, the running injury and meeting Dr. Greene were the two best things that could have happened to me because I learned a new concept of preventative medicine. I also learned that I have a passion for exercise, which I started more time on, burning that big dream energy. This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Or as the saying goes, “my boat had docked”. With a combination of education, practical experience and world class athleticism this was my new direction. 

So I pursued more education at the University of Minnesota obtaining my degree in biology.  In 2001, I was one of twenty-eight presenters at the first Men's Health and Wellbeing Symposium in the Twin Cities. My "Muscle Fitness" workshop covered all aspects of bodybuilding.

I am now furthering my education in Chiropractic medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN.  In addition, I have obtained training certifications to further improve my knowledge of exercise.

I have never felt more like a young lion. I have very high skills and am ready to share what I know with others. With such powerful weaponry, Lions Gym with all its principles and beliefs was born. Lions Gym stands behind a quality attitude towards exercise. I have the expertise in physical fitness, as well as the education. Lions Gym provides services that include recommended nutritional plans and supplements to further provide the individual with a program that has been tailored specifically for them. We have a personable environment that has zero intimidation. But most importantly I CARE.   

So as you can probably see, the dream is becoming a reality. I would love you to be a part of it. Please join us and experience the power that is within you.

In Like a Lamb, Leave Like a LION!

See you at the gym!
Stephen Evans Omondi Menya
Owner and Personal Trainer

Stephen's View On Nutrition

It is important that a person committed to working out eat as regularly as possible. People think that when they diet the less they eat the better.

What has worked for me personally is eating five to six meals a day. This guards against production of new fat cells to divide and multiply.

Most of the time (depending on how strict) I stick with high-protein, low-fat and complex-carbohydrate foods. (See the USDA website for more composition of foods information.).

My foods of choice are (or contain) whey, soy, calcium, caseinate, cottage cheese, eggs/albumin and dietery protein. My high-fiber foods are oats, beans, brown rice, peas, carrots and a variety of fruits. I stay away from red meat and whole milk products. These often increase serum-levels which are the building units of the Low Density Lipoproteins (LDLs—the "bad" Cholesterol).

I encourage eating non-saturated fats which are also known as polyunsaturated lipo-proteins that come in some plant foods and fish. When people ask me about supplements I hold them off if they are a starter to try get the nutrients in their diet until the body is ready. The body produces some of nutrients already that further intake would be hard on the liver to detoxify. Creatine monohydrate is created by the liver, pancreas and kidneys by metabolism of methionine, glycine and arginne. DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is produced in the Adrenal Glands for muscle strength and body mass.

All disciplines take a progressive effort, so take the time to make it a habit and it will come.

Stephen's View On Working Out

I promote purposeful, disciplined, time-efficient training. Muscle fitness can be achieved in 1-hour workouts. There is a thin line between encouragement and discouragement with fitness. Haven't you ever noticed some people in the large gyms whom you always see there, and their bodies never seem to change? There may be a reason that they are sometimes referred to as "gym rats".

When working on machines, one area or muscle group is isolated from the others for maximum effect. By using the right angle rule, you can limit your range of motion to just what is most effective for that specialized muscle group. This saves time, and is the most efficient form of training.

Successful Ingredients of Working Out:

  1. Decision! "I will achieve fitness." Make up a contract to achieve a goal within a time period. Remember, if your heart says something, that's what you are.
  2. Resources. You will need: food, weights, machines, gym, transportation, bed, and experienced experts.
  3. Activities of Daily Living (ADL). This is about your lifestyle; it is a contradiction to workout and then eat 3 burgers and drink a beer.
  4. Planning. Schedule time for a workout that includes: warm-up, weights, exercises and stretching. The best way to support good time budgeting is to choose a good workout buddy.
  5. Achieving. "Slaying the dragon." No "good" pain (as opposed to injury pain), no gain. Over-working will cause you to feel the pain in joints the next day.
  6. Machines. Appropriate to get started. Why? They guide the movement correctly and will protect you from injury. After 2-3 weeks you can graduate to free weights.
  7. Free weights. This is advanced work for varying periods of time. Use them once you know the risk of falling and hurting yourself and using incorrect motion. For example, a barbell will work both arms symmetrically.

Remember, muscle only grows when you rest!

Stephen's View On Burning Fat

The fat burning agents are found in supplements that can be purchased at a local health foods store. My recommendation comes from personal experience, and it is important to know that each individual will get varied results. It is your responsibilty to do further personal research to see how well this can work for you. Please contact your physicisn to get clearance.

  1. Caffeine. It forms a compound with fat cells acting as inhibitors for storage and fast excretion.
  2. Green Tea. (antioxidants) Taken before meals is an inhibitor by association with fat cells which are then not stored and removed quickly.
  3. Carnitine. Transports fats to the location where catabolism takes place for production of energy.
  4. Citrus Aurantium. Found in natural sour oranges (for instance, grapefruit). Safe to be taken since it does not elevate high blood pressure or the rate of the heart like artificial agents made in industries that market this supplement.
  5. Pausinystalia Yohimbe (African tree extract). increases the releasing of fat cells that are stored within the body.
  6. Evodiamine. (Evodia rutaecarpa) Fruit extract that when added in a diet helps with increased metabolism. It reduces cravings to eat all the time and reduction of release of glucose into bloodstream. Remember that when levels of sugar/glucose are high, fat storage of the body is increased.
  7. Garcinia Mangostana. Extract of a flesh (mesocarp) of an Indonesian fruit. Used for homeostasis—to maintain the body at equilibrium to maintain the immune system.

There are a couple more supplements that I as a personal trainer am using and will only share my opinion as time goes on. If you have any questions I will be happy to talk further about it with you. Contact me.

Note: All the above supplements work with a single concept: either as inhibitors or transporters and sometimes as enzymes.

Stephen's Endorsement of Chiropractic Medicine

Please read the following by Richard Allan Greene, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine)...

"Having better knowledge about your body and how it moves is fundamental to staying healthy and preventing injury. Consider the concept of range of motion:

Range of Motion in the Spine and Extremities

  1. Cervical Spine: The cervical spine or neck is one of the easiest parts of the spine to injure. Injuries can be sustained through sporting injury, automobile accident, recreational activities, or sometimes just in the process of working out or exercising. Due to the lack of support and the great range of motion in the cervical spine, injury to this spinal area is greatly increased.

  2. Lumbo-Sacral Spine: The lumbo-sacral part of the spine is also known as the low back and is also the site of numerous spinal injuries. It is a very strong part of the spine because of the heavy musculature, so it is often abused and/or neglected when injured. The lumbo-sacral spine also has a great range of motion, and if pushed beyond its normal range will likely cause injury.

  3. Thoracic Spine: The thoracic spine is the middle section of the spinal column, and is the most stable due to the connection of the ribs to the thoracic vertebrae behind, and to the sternum or breast bone in the front. Injury that can occur here is often due to trauma, impact injury, sporting accidents, etc.

  4. Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee & Ankle: These various joints of the body are also prone to injury due to stress on the joint, abuse, over use, trauma, arthritic changes, and various imbalances of the body. These joints can be adjusted and treated by Chiropractic to insure maximum health and function of the joints.


"To keep the above joints functioning at a maximum level certain requirements are needed. These would include exercise, diet, nutrition, and sleep. As a Chiropractor I know that exercise on a regular basis is necessary to keep the muscles and joints of the body functioning normally. Exercise designed for each individual body can be achieved through personal training. This might include stretching, range-of-motion exercise, aerobic exercise, and weight training including both free weights and machine-aided weight programs.

"Chiropractic is the philosophy, science and art of adjusting the joints of the spinal column, various joints of the body, and even manipulating soft tissue for the purpose of restoring health to the body—and allowing the innate intelligence of the body—to allow itself to heal in a natural way. Chiropractic also uses nutrition—both natural foods and supplements—to help the body achieve health.”

"One product that I have found to be extremely beneficial in gaining and maintaining health has been made from Indonesian Mangosteen fruit. It possesses numerous Xanthones, which in the body will bind with free radicals rendering them useless and ineffective. Free radicals in the body cause many diseases and chronic painful conditions. This product is called Xango, but should not be confused with other copies and imitations of health beverages that contain only part of the Mangosteen fruit rather than the whole fruit itself. More information can be gained on Xango by going to my website:

"I am a practicing Chiropractor and have been in practice for forty years." - Dr. Richard Greene, Minnesota.